Received MIDI sustaining

Oh my god I’m gonna lose it. I’m a new user and absolutely LOVE the Pyramid so far but for the life of me I can’t fix my issue here.

I have a bass synth connected out MIDI B and a MIDI keyboard going into the Pyramid to manually operate the bass synth when I’m not running a track. On ONE TRACK of ONE PROJECT, everything I press a MIDI note on the keyboard it is being sustained by the Pyramid and “holding” it on top of the the existing bass pattern, so I’m getting a back-and-forth ping pong line to the “sustained” note instead of my normal bass line. There shouldn’t be any sustained notes, this is why I’m going crazy.

I’ve checked the two “assign” knobs I have and deleted their assigns. It’s not that. It’s also not the bass synth as it only happens in one project on the Pyramid. It’s also not the MIDI keyboard as I changed MIDI keyboards and it’s still doing.

Any ideas? My troubleshooting ideas are running out!


Try the various midi echo settings.

Not having “hold” or “relatch” enabled on that track? (2nd + play in Live mode)

also check for the existence of CC64 (sustain pedal) or any other CC’s that might affect your synth patch in this manner

I gave up looking and just deleted the pattern in Live mode. Totally fixed it, I must have accidentally recorded CC64 or something along that lines. How annoying.