Reboot Hermod when freezes happen

Hi, is there a way to force restart of Hermod? When it freezes it is annoying to have to turn of the entire eurorack when the other machines are doing fine…

I’m interested in that too :).

I think that’s the bigger question is… why does it freeze? can you reproduce it?
if you can then Id think that @squarpadmin would (I hope) treat this as a serious bug.

have you contacted them via ?

( I doubt they’d be able to implement a force restart, without additional hardware on the panel )

It’s a bit arbitrary, but often when editing the sequencer… the guys seem to work hard on bug fixes already, I’m sure stability will be better over the next months. On a conceptual level this machine is so cool, I’m confident this year reality will catch up with the promise of what this thing can be. I’m actually more impatient to see some proper polyphonic voice allocation implemented, much simpler midi-cv modules like the one from Erica offer decent hi/low note capabilities, it puzzles me why such a basic feature is missing…

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ah i don’t really edit sequences on the hermod so perhaps why Ive not see it.

its a good idea if you do have it to try to remember what you did and reproduce it.
sometimes these things can have really specific circumstances that unless the developer has a clue what to look for, its a ‘needle in a haystack’ - its funny how even a small hint from a user can sometimes give a ‘lightbulb’ moment.

yeah, seems they’ve done a great job - i’ve not had my hermod for long, but seems really stable, but Ive seen what they’ve done on the pyramid, which has been great - and they are really grateful / listen when you report bugs to them via the contact webpage.

Hi !

You shouldn’t have freezes anymore ! If it happens to you, even once, we need to know it, in order to fix it.

First question do you have the latest Hermod OS (v 1.21) ?



I’ll do the update today! Since it needs unscrewing etc., I was holding out for the ALLOCATOR effect to include high/low note priority. But if it’s certified freeze-free as of 1.21, I’ll hurry and update. Love the product by the way, so versatile and intuitive!

(freezes would happen when switching between tracks while the machine was playing, or when zooming/changing length of notes/doing other similar edits to the sequencer)