Rc 300 sync with pyramid

Hi! anyone has succeed syncing rc300 with Pyramid? Its easy if rc300 is the master clock but slaving rc 300 to pyramid as a master clock… I know that I can write cc automation to send clock to rc 300 but I dont like it too much… Thanks!

I’ve found that the Pyramid works fine with everything I send it to and if there is an issue, it’s with the receiving device. Now that said you may need to make some settings on both devices to have the RC300 happy to play nice. The most important one for the Pyramid is to ensure it’s sending clock (tempo) to the RC300. You do this in the MIDI OUT settings menu. There is a setting to turn on MIDI sync send on each MIDI output. Turn on one or both of these. Make sure that if you only turn on one that it is the output you connect to your RC300. Next you have to tell the RC300 that it’s a slave and to not use it’s internal clock. Check it’s manual on how to do that. Hope this helps.

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Thanks Man!! I tried all that stuff… the only way i found that it works is to send CC… :frowning:

I have found on every midi device i know of( the ones i have owned or own)in the global menu there is internal/external/auto sync.Just decide your master clock then set the slaves to external sync.wacky results happen if one of your sequencers is not set up correctly and it doesnt know it but your midi router does …next thing ya know your all confused cuz that stuck note won’t stop and ya made sure everything was right…press the all notes off …nope another stuck note…ok improvise on t he stuck note …nobody will know.moog slim phatty did it to me a few times…man i’m dum took 3 times before i figured it out.arp kept going off …RTFM