Randomizing Note Length


Am I the only one missing destination “note length” in the MIDI effect “Random”? The destinations pitch, velocity and octave are good, but having note length in a addition to that would be great. Maybe there are even other destinations that I haven’t thought of.


+1 hopefully it can be added


Yes another one for this. Next update maybe?


Please, this would be sooo great +++++


Randomizing note length is possible in Pyramid. It is very difficult to understand why Squarp has removed this feature on Hermod….


Isn’t this possible by clicking the encoder in the “step” section? Or do you want like a real-time random?


It is possible to do it once, manually, using the randomizer. BuT I want it as an FX which generates different note length values every time a bar is played again. On Pyramid, it is possible.