Random, Mute Probability for Chords


I think the functions do not work correctly when playing chords. For example, when you mute a chord in a step sequencer, and set a mute probability, this does not work for the whole chord, but only for some notes. One or two notes sound in the chord. It is absolutely useless. The same goes for the function of the random velocity. This does not work for the entire chord, but only for a few individual notes.

Have you check the manual for chance fx?

Particularly apply option.

Note: this if you are playing live this would have to be quantized.

This is a completely different function. I need a chance for a certain step. Just such a function is in Mute Probability, but not for chords.

sorry, then i miss understand, what ‘mute probably function’ are you talking about?

are you talking about randomizer fx?

if this is a new feature you would like then you should approach squarp thru the contact form https://squarp.net/contact

as for muting all notes in step, does this not work if you’re in mono editing mode.

as i said, i could be completely misunderstanding, perhaps you can give an example… i’m a bit unclear if you are talking about a bug, or if something is not working in a way you would like it to (so a feature request/improvement)

or perhaps someone else can chime in who understands better than i do.

Sorry, English is not my native language.
I recorded a video for an example.
Mute Probability - 50%

I can’t see the display so cannot see what you are doing clearly. Eg are you entering chords or single notes and then harmonizing.

Also there is no ‘mute probability’ , how are you getting this ‘probability’ ? what do you mean? what is your fx chain?

I’ve just done a few tests here and muting is working fine in all scenarios I can think of.
( eg if I enter chords and then mute it works fine , similarly using chance to add probability also mutes entire chord)

Btw: I assume you are on the latest firmware?!

I think we need to know exactly how you have the track setup, what fx you have on that track and their settings.

Yes. This is how Mute Probability works in my understanding.

For chords, you can also put a single Note, Mute it, and include a Harnonizer Effect to build your chord.

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K, @CreepyPants pointed me to effects master -> mute probability Cool, learn something everyday…

Not sure I have a use for it, but interesting none the less :slight_smile:

Hmm, I guess I’d throw that to squarp as a bug ( via contact form) , seems reasonable to expect the step to be fully muted.

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Also, if you want to apply random velocity to chords, this will not work for the whole chord, but only for individual notes

Thanks for the advice, but it really slows down the work. It is much more effective to use smart tabs or custom chords for this

you mean via randomizer fx?
most of the fx work at a note level (or grid level), so thats not surprising.
I guess, you’d need to ask squarp to add a similar feature as is on change fx, to “apply” by note or ppqn.

imo - the current functionality to do randomisation by note is still useful even for chords, so needs to be retained as well.

but, i only make ‘light’ use of the changes/randomisation, to just get a touch of variation - as I tend to ‘play’ in notes… and so my own (very) imperfect playing adds quite a lot of variation … :slight_smile:

thats the thing, so many of us use the pyramid in so different ways, we all have different perspectives on whats important and not.

anyway, chuck squarp a message via contact form, try to be as clear as possible with examples… ultimately, they can tell you if its something they are able to do or not.