Random gates in Hermod

Hello! How can i make random gates? Now i create it with chance MIDI FX, euclid and swing, that controlled by external CVs. Some hard patching for simple functuon, i think. May be you know another method?

seems like chance + swing, and then setting a pattern with gates on every step gives you everything - no?

perhaps another approach (that ive not tried, just throwing it out there), is using ratchet , and modulating it parameters?

i don’t really think its “hard patching for a simple function” though…
I mean hermod is primarily a sequencer, rather than a random generator.
I tend to expect more ‘involved’ patching when im ‘abusing modules’ :slight_smile:

i was playing with some fo this last week,
I used mutable marbles as my random generator, but it only has 3x clock/cv out (simplification), so what I did to get more was to take its (faster changing) outputs into hermod, which I piped into multiple tracks that had chance, + random (?) on it - alot of fun, and was easy to flip between quantise and unquantised.


I dont have any random gate gen, controlled by clock. My main random generator is Serge SSG + Serge noise… But some times i want random gates that follows by main clock.
I dont like to use four CV inputs, couse they used for euclids and other functions and some times i need simple random gate function :slight_smile:
I think, that the random gate (as part of Random FX or separate FX) is very important thing, and i hope that it was added in further version of firmware. Together witn devider )

Depends a bit on how you define “random”. If you want random eighth notes, create a modulation track, click all eight note buttons at magnification level 1x, then add CHANCE effect and set probability.
If you feel you need to work with EUCLID and SWING, then the “complexity” of your “patching” is not due to deriving random gates, but due to the fact that you create a rhythmic gate pattern with Hermod.
If you have gates generated externally, you can route them through Hermod (CV in) and apply CHANCE to the stream of incoming gate. The fact that you can route gates and CVs through Hermod is very powerful and can be used for many other purposes (4-channel quantizer, for example).
Don’t forget that you can always randomly pick gates using VCAs, S&H modules and white (or coloured) noise.

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Random gates via the randomizer would be a very welcome addition for me.

well, randomizer does generate random gates. Just stick a cable in the gate out socket. You can also randomize the randomizer (see manual). And have a look at the CHANCE midi effect.