Rample layers / v/cot question

Hello all I am fairly new to Rample but I am loving it so far, however, I do have some confusion as to the interface and selection process. I was hoping someone here might be able to help me out.

First, let me explain what I am doing so far and then what I would like to do.

The patch so far:
I have four notes coming out of my Electrofon Klang into the four CV inputs of my Rample. Each channel has the sample of a Middle C and each channel is set to v/oct. This allows me to play a chord from the notes coming from the Klang.

What I would like to do is introduce some variation/randomness. I would like each channel to have the same Middle C but also each channel to have 12 layers which would have the Middle C sample recorded at slightly different start times and attack times to give a bit more organic feel. So each time the sample is triggered it would randomly select one of the layers to play.

I have a feeling this is doable however, I cannot quite figure out the right order/process to do this with the Rample- If this is doable, could someone please list out the steps I need to input into the Rample?

I hope this question makes sense.

If I understand your query correctly: you already have the ability to play chords via your Klang device and you want the Rample to play a random layer for each SP when it is triggered?

A good place to start with that would be the Rample Manual and look up Layers, also Settings to set the Default Layer behaviour if you choose.

Apologies I cannot step-by-step for you, but I do not CV.

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Thanks- I was trying to follow the manual but for some reason it is not playing the different layers for each sample. I am sure it is user error on my part, but sometimes the visual feedback from the module is hard to determine if I am in the right menu at all.

I’m old, have bad eyes, and get confused very easily, so I can fully empathise about visual feedback on the Rample.

However, the Layers section of the Manual is 4 sentences.
Review the first sentence which will allow you visual feedback as to which Layer is playing.

If you’re unsure that you are achieving the correct Layer Mode, I’d suggest creating a kit that consists of an SP with Layers of a voice saying “One”, “Two”, “Three”, etc. If you have the capabilities, you can even use 4 different voices - I mean like make your voice low for 12 Layers, then high for 12 layers, then with an accent for 12, etc. Or use a voice synthesiser (which I did) using different settings for the four SP’s. This way when you trigger a voice you can tell EXACTLY which SP and which Layer is being triggered.

It’s a handy although inelegant troubleshooting tool.

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Thanks for the feedback and suggestion! I am also old, with bad eyes and easily confused!
I’ll play around with this some more with a simpler layer set- I think that might help.

Thanks again!

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