Rample CC drum tracks

Hello everyone!

I recently acquired a Rample module and was setting it up with the Hapax. I have a a question and possible feature request?

Is it possible to set a drum “pad” to send CC instead of a note ? Since Rample only has 4 sounds I wanted to use the other 4 drum pads to control layer switches on the Rample or other things in the drum mode. I couldn’t find an option to do this or is it hard coded and limited to just notes ?

If not, then this would be a great feature to have and a great way to work around the 4 voice limitation of the Rample. I know we have the automation track, but the drum pads would be much more convenient to also use as CC in live jams using the pads and to quickly set accents(layer switches) for the Rample on the same track without switching to automation.
Also fits in nicely with the CC velocity being the actual layer for the voice.