Quickest way to record live notes and cc

Who wants to share their secret on how to record live midi loops into a track.

As far as sequencing pre-recorded tracks / loops goes, the pyramid is great.

To record live some spontanoious ideas quickly, without to many steps, I’m still struggling with this too complex procedure:

  • selecting track
  • set track length
  • set channel
  • go to live mode
  • press record
  • press record again to stop recording
  • go back to track mode
  • select an empty track so I don’t get notes played on the wrong synth when playing / tweaking my synths connected to the pyramid…

Quite a long list of events just to record a midi loop live…

Any help really apreciated!

Pyramid is full of shortcuts! Great for getting to everything FAST!

In LIVE or any other mode:

  • Press and hold TRACK + select pad - Activate a track.
  • Press and hold TRACK + Length + Turn main encoder OR Select pad (1st pad - 1 bar … 4th pad - 4 bars … )
  • Press and hold TRACK + Channel + Turn main encoder OR Turn 1st encoder to select MIDI A channel, 2nd encoder to select MIDI B channel …

So you can get in that list done never leaving LIVE mode :wink:

Yeah thanks these shortcuts should help, but still quite a lot of things to set just before recording.

I might try to ‘reserve’ some empty tracks and predifine midi channels on them (and fixed lengh in case I whant that), so that might save some actions and time also. Live looper (so not having to worry about track length) would be nice in this case also, but then you need to stop pyramid. I really don’t understand why it’s like that and what’s the use of it…

I’m playing 3 different keys, so I really want to spent minimal time on the pyramid. I’d love to keep pushing buttons and having to use both hands or doing manual acrobatics for shortcuts, as limited as possible…