Questions about Hermod functionality

I read the manual, but there are a few questions that weren’t answered for me.

  1. Can the CV input clock source be set to 24 PPQN? That seems to be a common value (I use it in my setup), but I don’t see it here.
  2. Is it possible to do “live” recording into a track? I want to be able to set a track to, say, 4 bars, then record overdubs into it repeatedly by playing a MIDI keyboard while it loops. Then, I want to be able to select a different track and do the same thing, without stopping it or doing manual step editing.
  3. Is it possible to clear a track’s notes or change a track’s length while the Hermod is playing?
  4. Can a recorded track output MIDI data? Track 1 and 2 might be CV + Gate for eurorack modules, but can Track 3 be a polyphonic MIDI recording that gets sent on an arbitrary MIDI channel to an external poly synth via the MIDI out?


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I will use this topic to also ask my question.
Is it possible to apply the FX to an incoming external CV or Midi signal?


Bumping the original poster’s question…

Is there a reason the CV input clock source doesn’t have a 24 PPQN setting? And might it be possible to add 1/24 to the options?

I am using Hermod with WMD’s Metron which has PPQN settings of 1/24, 1/12, 1/8 and 1/4. While Hermod has 1/32, 1/16, 1/8 and 1/14. Which means I have to use 1/8 as it’s the only setting they both share. I appreciate the higher 1/32 setting that Hermod has, but 1/24 is much more commonly seen in eurorack and would allow me to work at a much higher sync rate.

you’d need to ask Squarp via the contact form.

Thanks technobear, will do…

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I ended up being able to send two separate clocks via my Expert Sleepers ES-40/ESX-8GT. One at 1/24 PPQN to the Metron and one at 1/32 PPQN to the Hermod. Works great!

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1: use Hermod as master :slight_smile: and clock whatever else you need to be clocked form there.
(i know, i know… but for me, that turned out to be the best solution. Hermod into Pams, and pams does everything else…)

2, 3 Yes.
Active channel is your friend here.
And Step & X deletes everything inside a pattern.
When in step mode, you can change pattern lengths with the endoder on the fly while playing. (Pess& Hold X&Y and use Encoder to double, or half the length. Press & turn encoder to access uneven pattern lengths.

4: Tracks can even send midi AND CV/Gate simultaneously. Midi out is an Effect you can put into the effect slots. It doesn’t affect CV 6 Gate Outs for that channel.

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