Question- live playback/record issue

Hello. Brand new user here. My beautiful new pyramid is sending midi to a couple of synths. Not sure if it’s important, but as two of them have keyboards, I have those two sending midi back into the pyramid so that I can record with their keyboards.

Lets say I record synth 1 to track 1. The pyramid plays it fine. If I mute track 1, set track 2 to synth 2, and record, it plays fine. However, if I leave track 1 playing while track 2 is recording, the pyramid sends midi notes from track 1 to track 2, causing synth 2 to play whatever synth 1 is playing, in addition to whatever I wanted it to play.

Can anyone lend light to my struggle?

Turn Local Control to Off on your synths.

Are the synths on different MIDI channels?

Local control is off. Doesn’t seem to make a difference

Yes they are. I’m checking to see whether the keys are sending to all channels, but aside from that I’m not sure what it could be.

The Pyramid is designed so that incoming MIDI data (if Settings is set up this way) will record to the current Track. What is sounds like is happening is that Track 1 is playing and sending MIDI data down the cable, which Synth 1 is receiving and then sending back to the Pyramid - which picks it up at the MIDI In and since you’re recording on Track 2, it is recording it there and subsequently sending it out the Track 2.

I think.

A couple ways to deal with this:

  • Best case is to turn Local Control: Off on your synths. This is the standard method and pretty much why Local Control is on synths (I think)
  • Another method would be to turn Track 1 off
  • A third method might be to record from the Pyramid instead of the keyboard

There might be other methods, but in my (limited) understanding, this is what Local Control is all about.

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Go to Settings → MIDI In
What is the value after OMNI MODE

Also, scroll down to MIDI ECHO. Is that On or Off?

Unfortunately I don’t think this solves it. I’ve just been recording by playing synths from the pyramid. Turned all keyboards local control off. Perhaps it’s a setting inside the pyramid? Still looking

Omni mode says “multitrack off”
Midi echo says “stop echo”

What MIDI Channel is Synth 1 Set to?
What MIDI Channel is Synth 2 Set to?

Synth 1 is ch3, synth 2 is ch6.

As a matter of fact, whenever any track is playing while another one records, the recording track picks up every note from all playing tracks

Do you have any other devices in your system orher than the 2 synths and the Pyramid? Like a router, a MIDI hub, thru box, merger, etc?

Yup. Here’s my setup:

Pyramid—>midi solutions quadra thru—>4 synths (minibrute2, sledge, tg55, jv2080)

2 synths(minibrute2, sledge)—>quadra merge—>pyramid

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Okay, when troubleshooting it’s best to simplify your system and reconnect until you get the issue to help narrow it down.

Id start with just connecting a single synth with a single DIN cable from the Pyramid OUT to the IN of one of the synths. I’d try changing the MIDI Channel on the Pyramid to verify that the synth responds to the correct channel and the Pyramid is sending only on a single channel. Then if everything works as expected, I’d try looping a single Synth OUT to the Pyramid IN and verify you don’t get the issue. Repeat this with both synths that will connect to the Pyramid IN individually.

If everything plays as expected from there, then I’d probably try just those two synths with the Thru and the Merge.

I suspect if you haven’t run into the issue by that point then I’m fully out to lunch and you’ll have to wait for one of the smrt people.

Edit to Add: I forgot one step that might have been helpful. Sorry. Use the MIDI IN Monitor with the original setup to see what Channel the MIDI data is coming in on. That’s Settings → Info → MIDI IN Monitor. Then play the Tracks that are playing erroneously and the MIDI IN Monitor will s how what channels are coming in. That might direct you to a synth that is resending the data.

I’m looking at the minibrute2 manual.
I’m using my PDF search function and there doesn’t seem to be an option for Local Control.
I would start with just disconnecting that synth first - at least the data stream that feeds back to the Pyramid. If that resolves the issue, then there ya go

Ooh it’s so cool that this thing can monitor midi messages.

So, track 4 and 6 are both playing. Track 4 is playing a synth (tg55) on ch 4. Track 6 is empty, set to ch 6 (sledge). When I arm track 6 while 4 is playing, the sledge starts playing the notes from track 4 by the next pass of the loop.

In live mode, while 4 plays, while I press record, and wait for one loop, both midi in and out monitors show the same messages. At first it’s just notes on ch 4. Then, after I hit record and wait one loop, it starts receiving and sending messages from both ch 4 and ch 6.

It’s definitely a head scratcher. I’m going to follow your suggestion and simplify my setup, check for the problem that way.

After disconnecting the quadra merge from pyramids midi in, everything works as it should. Minus of course being able to write tracks to the pyramid from an external keyboard, which is what I’m trying to do.

Once I reconnect the merge to the in, my rack mount synths give me a “midi buffer full” message. Pretty sure that’s indicative of a midi loop, which is weird because both rack mount synths are only receiving, not sending.

Something is looping back. Try disconnecting each synth separately…?

It was the minibrute. I disconnected it from coming back into the pyramid and the whole setup is functioning perfectly, minus being able to use the brute’s keyboard. Maybe I’ll figure out how to integrate that eventually, but, eh. Works fine for now!

Thanks for your help (:


Glad I could help.

Most of what info i could find online indicated the Minibrute does not have the option for Local: Off. You may need to review routing, or perhaps use Port B for the Minibrute exclusively.

Good luck!