Question for upcoming users

I am really excited about the Hapax however due to a lofty price I need to ask about some features before I purchase it. Bassicly I have loads of patterns on my synths and drum mashines and I want to work on their arangments and make whole songs from them. My question is that after I record a midi pattern on the Hapax is it possible to mess with the notes and create a continuation of the pattern sort of like sections?
Also would love to record my drum patterns in a similiar fashion and add fills trough the randomize and chance effect. If anyone can confirm that these features are possible It would encourage me a lot towards getting a Hapax and finally finalize some of my projects.

To be explicit: there’s a strong likelihood you can’t directly “export” your sequences from your synths and drum machines, but depending on the implementation of the sequencer (and whether it sends MIDI out), it’s likely you could record to the Hapax.

That said, all of the things you are describing are absolutely part of the Hapax.

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