Query: Better Rample Organisation Techniques

Okay, so I’m making plenty of kits for the Rample from scratch now and having fun.
But I’m not terribly bright nor experienced - and any experience/knowledge I gain I forget quickly.

When making a kit for the Rample that for example is kick, snare, hh, and a cymbal crash, is it preferable to loosely mix the relative volumes of the patches? Or just load in a consistent level irrespective of what type of sound it is?

Note: I have Velocity mapped to Level.

Unfortunately since I like to put my kick a little lower in the mix than that, I end up using a Velocity of 40 or 50 which limits the range of Velocity I can send to the Rample for dynamics.

What technique do you use?

Id still like to know what other people do or if there is professional guidance in the subject, but instead i wrote a quick script that helps standardise my workflow

But yeah: what should I be doing for levels?

I’m not professional, but I normalize all the samples in Audacity (I normalize all the samples in a layer together then use “export multiple” from Audacity) before putting them on Rample - makes the peaks in each file the same volume, while retaining the dynamics in every file. I’m happy with that. :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I was doing exactly that, and then started questioning myself.

When i normalise the levels are optimum individually, tho. They are not “mixed” at appropriate relative levels, hence my increased self doubt.

Adjusting levels on the Rample resolves this, but IMO negatively affects Velocity > Level function, which made things even worse.

Fun fun fun!

Thanks for letting me know what you do. I’ll continue doing that as Ive found a workaround to define a relative-to-level Velocity in the MIDI Note Event.

I’ve done the exact same thing - been going back and forth to test out - but I’ve decided that I like it this way, that way I can more easily control the accents with CV. :slight_smile:

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