Quantizing Pitchbend Data To A Grid?


I don’t own a Pyramid (yet) but would like to. But I have a doubt. I use a lot of microtones. I realize I can send midi+pitchbend data from an appropriate source and it records in the Pyramid for playback. But can it record this way per step as well? What I am asking is whether the Pyramid can quantize both notes + pitchbend data to a grid (e.g. 1/16) if I want it to - either post-unquantized-recording, or after the live recoding, or in step record mode - or if it only quantizes midi notes to a grid but not pitchbend, cc data, etc.

Thank you.

good question…

I think (like many sequencers) pitchbend is ‘just’ an automation channel, so I dont think it will have any notion of PB being attached to the note, and so quantise it.
I’d need to test, but Im pretty certain, only the notes would be quantised, not the pitchbend.

Thanks a lot for your input. I think so too. From what I read and gathered I think that is the case.

unfortunately this is pretty common…

MPE is resulting in us starting to change in DAWs, which I guess might eventually filter down into hardware sequencers…
and, we are starting to get more MPE support in hardware synths… so perhaps that will help drive the requirement.

though, unfortunately, we have to recogonise we are still a pretty niche market.

( * ) I recognise you were talking microtonal, but MPE faces the same issue, since you bend individual notes, or are doing things like sliding into notes… so for editing purposes you really need to tie notes and pb (and cc) which are on same voice channel

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