Quantized Live Input?

I recently noticed the quantizer Midi-Effect doesn’t work with Live input.
Am I missing maybe something or is this a know limitation?

Any workaround?


Hmm, not quite sure what you mean. Quantization cannot be performed live because it depends on the ability to move notes back and forward in time. So while the effect of quantization can be recorded from live data, its effect cannot be played back live, which is indeed different from the other effects.

live quantization is indeed possible and is a common feature. I too wish it was possible on the Pyramid. Also wish the beat repeat could be latched. I love playing keys with repeat on and live quantize but it’s not possible with the pyramid.

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Any live quantization can only delay notes, so it can only correct notes that are too early. Okay, one can intentionally lean towards being early when playing, maybe that’s useful in some scenario. Still, it’s not at all the same thing.

it would absolutely be sufficient if delaying notes would be possible

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I can’t speak for Squarp, but with my software engineering hat on: if a feature can only perform half of its duty in a given circumstance (live) and thus same data would produce different output in different circumstances (playback), I’d certainly disable the feature in the problematic circumstance. My software engineering way around that inconsistency would be a “half-quantization” mode where it only ever quantizes by delaying so both live and playback processing would produce identical results. File an RFE?

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Too bad, that Pyramid cannot do it. Then I will not buy it. From reading the manual I thought Pyramid could do it.

But now I know it.

Then I will not buy it.

It does tho now. And sometimes leaving the quantize off and just adjusting is more gratifying, youll learn how the squarp works alot better. Its gotta a lot to it if you take the time to learn it.

Like the %percent can go -+ and its at small increments i think. You can also just push all the steps forwards or backwards.

The manual a person created based off the stock manual has a bunch of deets, they added little shortcuts and features not explicitly explained in the original manual.