Quality of Life UI Features

I’ve been loving the Pyramid. I’m running DAWless and it’s the heart of my production environment.

I do have some features I’d love to have to make using it a bit better:

  • Select MIDI Channels for tracks using Pads - it’d be awesome if it were possible to hold Track Channel and hit pad 8 to set the channel to MIDI A 8. While holding Track Channel, the pads would become MIDI channels and the arrows would control the different inputs, i.e. if you want MIDI B 11, you’d hold Track Channel, hit the bank arrow once, then hit pad 11. This is my #1 feature
  • Improve text input - I’m not a fan of using the encoder to scroll through the alphabetical keyboard when naming tracks/projects. I’m not sure what I would do to fix this. I was thinking maybe the touchpad could be used as a pointer and the pads would “click” on letters. Another possibility would be having one encoder scroll horizontally and another scroll vertically, making the number of moves to another letter much fewer. Making it quicker to name things will make organization much easier, which is important
  • Sequence Euclid Notes - I have recently been having a really great time experimenting with Euclid. It’s surprisingly useful for building rhythmic chord progressions, however, it doesn’t seem possible to sequence changes in notes. I can understand that making the procedural generation interact with Notes would be potentially difficult at the low level, but it’d make Euclid mode much less constraining (no longer having to change the note input live or change tracks/patterns for every note/chord change). It’s possible it already does this and I’m just missing something

More minor features:

  • Startup project configuration - I would like for the ability to either select or configure a startup project instead of having to 2nd->Load and scroll through my projects every time I turn on the Pyramid. It seems like this should be a feature already; did I miss it in the manual? :slight_smile:
  • Latch modes with text labels - This is a pretty minor issue. I’d like to have some sort of text display the Latch mode when selecting it in Track Properties. Having to remember the meaning of the icons is difficult, especially with how rarely I change the modes. I’m not sure where the labels would go in the UI, so that’d have to be figured out

I’m a professional software engineer with 2.5 years of experience working primarily in C in the games industry, so I’m familiar with working in performance-critical environments. I’d be willing to sign whatever and help contribute free of charge to get some of these features in, if it were possible :slight_smile:

Update: I just found the main features thread, so I apologize if this topic isn’t appropriate anymore. I can’t figure out how to delete it.


I don’t know if your thread is appropriate or not but maybe I can bring you some clarifications… :wink:

Select MIDI Channels for tracks using Pads
Actually, they have already implemented quick shortcuts to change MIDI channel on tracks
(in any mode) you just have to hold down TRACK+MIDI CHANNEL then you have the shortcuts on the five encoders
encoder 1: CV
encoder 2: MIDI A
encoder 3: MIDI B
encoder 4: USB
encoder 5: master transpose

not exactly your solution, but I think it’s (at least) as fast.

Improve text input
Personnaly, I really love the text input method on the Pyramid
with a little practice we can be very fast
it is different from the method that can usually be seen on this type of screen (a letter-by-letter display, with alphabetical scrolling)
and actually there is already the vertical/horizontal scrolling that you are talking about, but on the same encoder :wink: you just have to hold 2ND to move the cursor vertically

the only thing they could add imho
it is to make the line independants (because, indeed, we don’t want to scroll all the letters horizontally)
if the cursor was “locked” on each row this could be more handy

Sequence Euclid Notes
the possibility to have different pitches on the Euclid mode has been discussed a lot

I think that with the current implementation it would be awkward since you can add or delete steps at anytime
so you can’t keep your melody (or your chord progession) and bring variations to it
if the Euclid was a FX (like it has been suggested) it can be “applied” on a pattern, a bit like a “rythmic gate”
so you can have your melody or your chord progression on the Piano Roll then bring rythmic variations with the Euclid FX

maybe we will see changes in this area soon…?

in the meantime,
there is some “workarounds”
you can add a random FX then a scale FX
(but this solution gives you a random result)

or you can make a master transpose track with a melody
then apply the transpose on the track where you have your euclid pattern (2ND+TRACK -> TRSP-checked)
so that you can evolve your euclid pattern while keeping a fixed melody underneath


Awesome, I had no idea I could use the other encoders to select the source. Thanks!