PyraOS V3.0 hype!

For those who did not see it, it is said in the latest newsletter from Squarp at the very bottom (I almost missed it!),

We are currently working on a new OS update (V3.0), with some gamechanging features! The beta version will be released around the end of January.

Super exciting, I’m glad Squarp is still working on the Pyramid :smiley: . Here’s hoping some of our suggestions still managed to make it in (fingers crossed for Pentatonic scales and more than 32 sequences), I’m so excited to see what they’ve added!

And thank you very much to Squarp for continuing to work on the Pyramid, it really means a lot to all of us :slight_smile:


Id be really excited for custom smart pad chords too

Scales too ^.^ That’d be so neat, it’d be really cool to be able to modify scales of a sequence on the fly and hear the resulting changes :slight_smile: