PyraOS 3.21 Bug Reported

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Hope this wasn’t just me as an operator being thick lol, below email sent as a bug report.


I am fairly new to Pyramid but I have noticed with pyraOS V3.21 the learn notes function from an external keyboard does not work unless multitrack is off. If multitrack is on or a specific midi channel is selected it does not update learnt notes on screen.

To clarify, notes or chords in do not change on the Pyramid screen.

In writing this I realised I did not test if the actual midi data is still learnt and it is just the screen that doesn’t update.

A question I do have though relating to this, learn notes even on pyraOS 3.0 only works when assign notes is set to keypad, not when set to smart pads but I am guessing this is correct?



yeah, this is a bug introduced in 3.21, it was fine on 3.20

as you say in 3.21 it we dont get any note learn when multitrack is (e.g) BK A), but Multitrack = OFF works fine.

in 3.20, the midi learn would work regardless of which channel the note came from.

hopefully, they were trying to change it (but got it wrong) , such that learn respects the midi channel…
ie… track 1, would only learn from ch1, track 2, ch2 etc

did you get a response from @squarpadmin?

btw: did squarp announce 3.21 was out? i only noticed when I went to the downloads.

Hi @thetechnobear

I did get a response "Hi Jason,

Thanks for your feedback!

  1. when multitrack = bank A, and you receive a note on channel 5 (for example), and you are on track 5, the note learn does not work?

  2. you are right, it’s only when assign notes is set to keypad

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I cant answer his question as I have gone back to PyraOS 3.2 but I did share your comments (hope that’s ok).

As for announcing release of 3.21 it was just by chance I came across it, thought a free update couldn’t hurt lol.

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yup I tried that it doesn’t work :slight_smile:

(thats what I was hoping the new functionality would be )

Hi guys,
This bug has been fixed in the last pyraOS version 3.22!
Thanks for reporting it


I just updated to 3.22. As of now, with OMNI mode set to Channel 15 controlling the active track, midi note learn does not work in Step Mode at all. Midi notes are recorded from my keyboard controller in Live mode fwiw.