pyraOS 3.2 + hermodOS 1.3 release


Please include better project navigation in the next Hermod release. Either a chain feature for projects or a midi remote project change possibility(cc or program change) similar to the sequence management. I’ve been hoping for this for over a year now and my Hermod is at the crossroads of a new home or back in my rack. I have heard issues involving note drop out or delay but I haven’t experienced any issues staying in sync while sending modulation tracks during project change. Am I waiting in vain?


This would be awesome. And adding this into the Swing effect could be a simple & elegant solution (possibly even renaming Swing to Tempo and allowing Mod Matrix over tempo or divisions off tempo?) @squarpadmin :hugs:


I’d say probably. I can’t see Project Management high on a feature list. I can’t think of many/any(?) modules or synths that let you change projects on the fly with midi.


I disagree. MPC could chain parts all day long. Midialf used program change for sequence change, but could chain 128 sequences, instead of 8 via program change. I would venture to say that changing sequences on most machines provides functionality like that where you get the entire 128 locations available via program change. 8 sequences is a fine limitation per project, if you could string projects. But without that qualifier, I don’t see why program change applied to 8 sequences is good implementation of something that could cycle through 128 locations plus banks. Feel me?


Yeah I feel you :slightly_smiling_face: I guess the temporary nature of Eurorack lends itself less to those kinds of project lengths. I wonder even if there was the addition of Sequence Banks… SeqA 01-08 / SeqB 01-08 etc. You could use midi/cv to move around.


Yeah, your SEQ-A 1-8, SEQ-B 1-8 is another way to implement this functionality( where sequence banks would change in the way I foresaw projects changing). I guess the root of the matter is that not everyone’s patches are temporary. For what I use Hermod for, the destinations for cv and gate never change, but the effects and sequences generally do. I could use the same project template on every song, but navigating between projects for song changes isn’t something I can automate or program in. The workaround seems to be to send 8 sequences via another sequencer on 8 separate channels and automate recording of the sequences which cripples most of the benefits of using Hermod as a standalone device(not to mention extremely convoluted). I am not really trying to use Hermod as an expensive MIDI-CVconverter, just want to program 8 sequences on hermod and move to another 8 remotely and control Hermod via 1 MIDI channel sending it clock and program change(or CC or SEQ banks or through magic?). Again, nothing about this request is something that couldn’t be implemented or ignored if the functionality wasn’t desired. Machines since the dawn of MIDI have utilized program change and CC remote commands in a much more useful implementation. I haven’t seen one addition in the Hermod OS that has benefitted me in the last year aside from the bug fixes that I helped discover and I am sure that if this remains absent, I am not going to miss Hermod much at all.


did you submit this to squarp via their contact page?
(they have stated this is where they would like feature requests)

we can’t judge if its easy or not for them to implement, as we don’t have access to the code base - but my experience is squarp are really responsive to requests where possible.


Continually. The only coherent response to why it couldn’t be done was that there is a delay or drop of notes when switching projects, which doesn’t seem to effect my workflow on Hermod. I use only modulation tracks which is why I couldn’t verify if note drop or delay true or not. I purchased Hermod anticipating more would come of projects switching in sync(which is already a feature). I’m not saying they promised anything they didn’t deliver, I just didn’t know i would be switching projects manually every time for the rest of eternity. Any other suggestions inline with this from squarp or the community would be appreciated. Appreciate your take kid yoshi, both on a sequence banks feature and also clock divisions as a workaround.