pyraOS 3.2 + hermodOS 1.3 release

Hi guys, today we released pyraOS 3.2 and hermodOS 1.3 firmwares, fixing all reported issues!

We also added a few features, especially for Hermod: REC wait/looper, multitrack recording, restart, and more settings.

We hope you will enjoy it!
Have fun,
The Squarp instruments Team


Hermod page says forbidden if I follow the link …


● New SETTINGS > CLOCK > CV CLOCK OUT (G1+RUN, G2+RUN, G3+RUN…). If set, the CV voice will output 5V if Hermod is playing and 0V if Hermod is stopped.

were the only things I dreamed of with Hermod.

Thanks a lot guys! You are amazing!

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Thanks. It seems that the Msb Lsb Pc problem was solved. Great.

Truly awesome work! Such a great team and product! :kissing_heart:

Yes!!! Thanks for adding the multitrack recording to hermod, this is a big deal!


Sorry, wrong link, just fixed it!

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wow, another great update for both pyramid and hermod…

I really love the direction squarp are going, more regular updates which focus on reliability/stability, and generally improving the existing process and integration with other hardware.

top job @squarpadmin, thanks for continuing to improve both hermod and pyramid.


Thank you Squarp-Team!

Great stuff @squarpadmin many thanks!

Especially for this which I requested:
“GATE ENV will output the gate of notes (useful to trig external drum for example)”

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Thanks for the update, much appriciated.I was hoping for track clock dividers on Pyramid or Hermod. Is this even likely ?

By this do you mean the ability for tracks to run at different tempo divisions? Or do you mean the ability to send out a clock gate at a different rate from the sequence tempo?

If the former, then I recommend sending a feature request via the contact form on - for me tempo could live in the Swing Effect?..

If the latter, you can achieve this via the LFO or ARP effects.

Is it really?
I think I still have the same problem. Messages are not recorded in the pattern.

I’m not sure… When I’ve updated to 3.2 I’ve created a new project that let me change the track changing the sound inmediatly. But yesterday I’ve loaded a previous project (one created with Pyraos 3.0) and the problem is still there. Now I don’t have the time to check again until weekend. It will be great to hear more about other users.

I just bought the hermod, it’s a wonder!
thanks for this new release 1.3
And especially for the looper, that’s what I wanted!

Many thanks, Squarps !

Hello, the Hermod is so great that I added a second

I have problems , my Hermods freeze when I put the steps in 1 with the ramdom!

Hi @danhill, please send us a mail at contact(at) to report these kind of issues.

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Yes tracks running at different clock divisions. I put that feature request in a while ago. Feel free to back me up :raised_back_of_hand:t2:

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