pyraOS 3.2 + hermodOS 1.3 release


Hi guys, today we released pyraOS 3.2 and hermodOS 1.3 firmwares, fixing all reported issues!

We also added a few features, especially for Hermod: REC wait/looper, multitrack recording, restart, and more settings.

We hope you will enjoy it!
Have fun,
The Squarp instruments Team



Hermod page says forbidden if I follow the link …



● New SETTINGS > CLOCK > CV CLOCK OUT (G1+RUN, G2+RUN, G3+RUN…). If set, the CV voice will output 5V if Hermod is playing and 0V if Hermod is stopped.

were the only things I dreamed of with Hermod.

Thanks a lot guys! You are amazing!


Thanks. It seems that the Msb Lsb Pc problem was solved. Great.


Truly awesome work! Such a great team and product! :kissing_heart:


Yes!!! Thanks for adding the multitrack recording to hermod, this is a big deal!


Sorry, wrong link, just fixed it!


wow, another great update for both pyramid and hermod…

I really love the direction squarp are going, more regular updates which focus on reliability/stability, and generally improving the existing process and integration with other hardware.

top job @squarpadmin, thanks for continuing to improve both hermod and pyramid.


Thank you Squarp-Team!


Great stuff @squarpadmin many thanks!

Especially for this which I requested:
“GATE ENV will output the gate of notes (useful to trig external drum for example)”


Thanks for the update, much appriciated.I was hoping for track clock dividers on Pyramid or Hermod. Is this even likely ?


By this do you mean the ability for tracks to run at different tempo divisions? Or do you mean the ability to send out a clock gate at a different rate from the sequence tempo?

If the former, then I recommend sending a feature request via the contact form on - for me tempo could live in the Swing Effect?..

If the latter, you can achieve this via the LFO or ARP effects.


Is it really?
I think I still have the same problem. Messages are not recorded in the pattern.


I’m not sure… When I’ve updated to 3.2 I’ve created a new project that let me change the track changing the sound inmediatly. But yesterday I’ve loaded a previous project (one created with Pyraos 3.0) and the problem is still there. Now I don’t have the time to check again until weekend. It will be great to hear more about other users.


I just bought the hermod, it’s a wonder!
thanks for this new release 1.3
And especially for the looper, that’s what I wanted!


Many thanks, Squarps !


Hello, the Hermod is so great that I added a second

I have problems , my Hermods freeze when I put the steps in 1 with the ramdom!


Hi @danhill, please send us a mail at contact(at) to report these kind of issues.


Yes tracks running at different clock divisions. I put that feature request in a while ago. Feel free to back me up :raised_back_of_hand:t2: