pyraOS 3.1 + hermodOS 1.21 new firmwares are online!

We just released the new firmwares for Pyramid and Hermod sequencers, mainly focused on bug fixes.

Have fun, and enjoy the end of the year!


Yeah, just right before the holiday! Perfect. Have a nice christmas & thanks!

thank you for getting these out before the holidays…

pyramid, this is a great release, so many little fixes, that really make a difference.
after a quick test, the looper and multichannel feels really solid, with the few quirks from before ironed out.
also now scale transpose automation is fixed, we now have a really simple way to change notes when using euclidean mode.

Ive been so happy with the Pyramid since 3.0, I just bought a Hermod to go along with it, and that is also feeling really solid too.

Im really enjoying how the Hermod is similar in some ways to the Pyramid, but yet quite different in others…

Thank you for creating these great sequencers, and also really supporting them well.

Enjoy the holidays, and I hope 2019 treats you well.
Thanks again


Thank you kind squarpians!! I randomly checked the forum for this earlier today and then thought, ah well they must on holidays, this will probably come sometime after new years now. But what a lovely gift. Merry xmas and a happy new year to you guys too.

Squarpadmin you are great! And thank you so much for including the LED BRIGHTNESS = NIGHT MODE (enable white leds low luminosity for night uses). Heroic. :grinning:

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Amazing! Joyeux Noel!

yay! really happy that one of my request was added! i might not be the only one suggesting it though hehe :slight_smile: but the random fx seems much more usable and “constrainable” now!

Thank you ! Merry X mas

You guys are the coolest, thanks for continuing to support and improve these great machines :+1:

Happy holidays y’all x

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Thank you for fixing the problems with Scale FX! I love my Pyramid.

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me too…
I asked for the CV range to be extend and also to have UNDO as a pedal option, both done :heart_eyes:

the undo option on pedal is so cool, it makes the live looper feel more like a traditional hardware looper.
have one pedal for record/stop, and the other for undo if you make a mistake.
it’s particularly useful when your hands are busy playing, or using an instrument thats not next to the pyramid.

I love these little tweaks to the workflow, they make such a big difference.

(I think now with the multichannel fixes, I’ll be able to move to using this as my default now :slight_smile: )


Great news! Thanks for keep on working on the firmware and bring new features and bug fixing! Pyramid is getting even better!

Thanks for this!

In pyra3.1 there is still the same bug when using the “stereo CV in” option.
Huge Downer if you want to use CV signals for Effect modulation etc.
Anyone else running into this “IHM loop” thing?

As this bug persists since the stereo CV option was implemented in one of the earlier beta OS versions, will there be an solution for this soon?

After updating to the 3.1
the file text definition is not working anymore and not cc are visible …
So I have downgraded and is working again…
guys. the 3.1 is not for everyone I see. cheers

same for me :frowning: