Pyramidi control app?

It could be quite handy to have an app for use with Pyramidi, using a tablet to mute/unmute tracks, select track etc. Has anyone tried this?

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Was pondering a Launchpad for that. Posting because: following.

Could you set something up to your liking using TouchOSC? I’ve not used Pyramidi yet, so apologies if I don’t fully understand. :v:

I got this from the Squarp Pyramid Sequencer User Group on Facebook (post link):

I made a touch osc patch to work with Pyramidi, it allows me to do track selection (first 12), sequence selection (for the first 8 sequences), turning on/off my metronome track, start/stop of the sequencer, track muting for the first 12 tracks, and has a few sliders for mixer control in my daw.

It also has a few extra pages to it for like drum pads and cc controls for a couple of my synths, but the main page is where it usually stays.

I don’t sequence it from my iPad, I just use it to access all of those different parameters while playing keys over it all without having to worry about key combinations.