Pyramid x Tempest

Hi all,

I want to record the midi notes from the DSI Tempest to the Pyramid, making the best of both worlds in terms of fast recording/sequencing.

I read somewhere about the possibility of using the Pyramid In to learn notes from the Tempest Out. However, I can’t seem to make it work - when plugged that way the only notes that are recorded are the one from the Tempest’s sequencer, that is, a monophonic sequence managed by one pad to control another gear. All the cool jamming possible from muting/unmuting on the Tempest is lost. Does anyone have both machines and found a way to make it happen?

Thanks in advance!


I have the Tempest and use it heavily with the Pyramid, that is, I dont use the Tempest sequencer at all due of its limitations.

There are 4 pad modes on the Tempest. Sound/Mute/Beat/Follow, you have to choose one:

  • Sound mode - MIDI notes will trigger sound pads

  • Mute mode - MIDI notes will mute/unmute pads for the Tempest sequencer

  • Beat mode - MIDI notes will trigger beat changes

  • Follow mode - It corresponds to the mode Tempest is set at that moment (Sound/Mute/Beat).

Everything will be on one MIDI channel. But you can assign one pad to another MIDI channel to be played polyphonically. The sequencer of the Tempest does not send MIDI data out. But you can set 1 pad to do so, the rest will not. So you could export your sequenced data from the Tempest to the Pyramid by going over you pads one by one.

Hope this helps :wink:


Hi joosep, thanks for your answers - yes, it does help!

What I get is that you cannot record outside of this 1 assigned pad, unless you are actually doing it on the Pyramid. Shame, I love jamming on the Tempest pads so much.

The good part is that I can indeed control everything via Pyramid. Did you find a way to assign all 16 pads in live mode to the 16 pads of the tempest?

You sure can!

I only use my Tempest in Sound mode. When I press a pad it sends the MIDI note to the Pyramid and Pyramid loops it back to the Tempest, triggering the sound. I have “Local mode” turned off on the Tempest, so it the initial pad press does not trigger anything on the Tempest itself.
This way I can use the amazing pads on the Tempest and the amazing sequencer of the Pyramid. :wink: You are not the only one who loves those pads, they are amazing! (Not to mention you can use all those awesome MIDI FX LIVE!)

Controlling ALL pads in Live mode is a tricky question. In live mode the bottom row of the Pyramid work as “smart pads”. I have set 13 keys (top and middle row) to match the top 5 pads and bottom 8 pads on the Tempest (and the top row last 3 pads on the Tempest correspond to my next top row 3 pads for the next octave). You can set on the Tempest which notes trigger which pads in the settings. Takes some time to set up, but its so worth it :slight_smile:

Hope this helps :wink:


Thanks, gotta configure this and will get back here to make a report :slight_smile:

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Holy Moses this is amazing!! And with the repeat mode on the pyramid you can record rolls and flams all over the place. Thank you so much - opens up a world of potential.


Glad I could help :wink:

Awesome posts!

Just want to make sure I understand your workflow. Do you compose a track using the tempest pads and the steps are sent to the pyramid for sequencing manipulation? If this is correct, are you changing the midi out designation per pad per step as it goes to the pyramid?

I’d like to be able to play the tempest pads and send those steps to the pyramid to manipulate. I would also like to be able to compose a track using the pyramid and send it to be played using the awesome sounds of the tempest.


Yes. I play my drums into the Pyramid from the Tempests pads. Press a pad. Tempests sends out a MIDI note. Goes into the Pyramid. Pyramid bounces back thru the MIDI FX to the Tempest. Tempest triggers sound.

Right now I have to record each part separately. Workflow to record drums:
In LIVE mode. Sequencer running.
Press and hold TRACK + KICK TRACK, release. Play with kick with Tempest pad. Until ready to commit. Press REC. Play in kick from Tempests pads.
Next drum sound.
TRACK + SNARE TRACK, release. Press REC. Play in snare from Tempests pads.
Rinse and repeat until all drum sounds are in. :wink:

Tip: For entering some more expression, you can use the 16 levels mode. So you the pads on the Tempest correspond to 16 different velocities of the same note. This way you have a lot of control over the inputted velocity.

The Tempest itself is not recording anything, I am not using the sequencer of the Tempest at all.

Hope this helps :wink:

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Hello, I recently bought a pyramid and I’m having trouble getting anything to work. Live mode, my tempest only plays one sound, basically I know nothing about how it works. I own 3 synths and a tempest and I’ve been trying for a week to figure it out. Would you be willing to give me a crash course on how to set it up ? I would appreciate it. Thanks.



Howdy there!

I would venture to guess that you are using the “MIDI Polyphonic Keyboard Play” channel on the Tempest.

From the Tempest manual (page 72):

  1. MIDI: Synth IN Channel: Off, 1…16—Sets the channel on which one of Tempest’s Sounds can be played from an external MIDI keyboard or other MIDI controller, or a MIDI sequencer. When used strictly as a MIDI sound module, Tempest behaves as a six-voice analog poly synth. It responds to note messages and the “standard” controllers (pitch bend, mod wheel, aftertouch, channel pressure, etc.), provided that the Sound as those modulation sources routed to some destination.

What you want to do is probably use the “MIDI Remote Pad Play”.

  1. Remote Pad IN Channel: All, 1…16—Sets the incoming MIDI channel for MIDI note-to-pad playback and recording. The note-to-pad mapping is programmed using the MIDI Note : Pad mapping described below.

There is no magic to it. Just start step by step. Both the Tempest and Pyramid manuals are goldmines.

Hope this helps :wink:

Thank you for your response. I will try that. I’m also having trouble getting live mode to work with just one synth. What am I doing wrong there? Thanks.