Pyramid with Octatrack

I’ve just got Pyramid it is so amazing!
Than I try to connect with Octatrack.
But hard to find out manipulation from Pyramid.
I want to control some midi functions (ex : pitch, poly, etc) Is it able to control from Pyramid?
I can’t find … because I’m midi newbie. Someone knows how to this. Help me out.


I control the OT with the Pyramid.
There are dozens of ways to approach this, and it depends on how you like to use the OT. What is it that you want to do?

Thanks for reply
Actually I want to use OT as a polysynth.
In other words I wanna that Pyramid transmit the chord signal to OT.

Nice. I do something similar but just 2 note polyphony.

How many notes/OT tracks do you want to use? All of them? Are you using Track 8 as Master?

Probably at least three notes/ 4tracks.
I don’t understand that Track 8 as master.
I want to make OT as slave.
Sorry for the basic question.

What Event Processor are you using?

Or do you want to try to do all the processing on the Pyramid?

yes, I want to try to do on the Pyramid the processing.

Oh, okay.
That easier.
Just put each note on a different Pyramid Track sending to a different Channel.

On the OT, make each Track receive different channels.

Easy peasy.

Oh I got it.
I will try it!
thanks so much your advice~
Happy new year~ :slight_smile: