Pyramid Sequencing a new track - Burning!


I’ve been traveling for a while, so hence the couple of months of silence, but that is about to end here :wink: This new track is mastered with a newly added TC Electronic Finalizer Express… Hope you like the vid too! :slight_smile: Let me know what you think!

Instruments used include Moog Minitaur, Elektron Machinedrum, Elektron Analog Four, E-mu Orbit V2 and X-Lead, Novation Drumstation, AKAI MPX16 (total crap but does work pretty well for the vocal samples), DBX 166A, some effects and the Finalizer Express. All has been sequenced with the Squarp Pyramid.


great work, video is top notch too… what are you melting around 2:42?
also do the elektrons play well being sequenced externally?

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Nice to see/hear some music and not just bug reports :slight_smile:


Cuty of a VIdeo!!!

There s art here.
Thanks to share

Little note.
How do you feel using multiple sequencers together?? In tecnical terms: what the restrictions , what the benefits?

Heee Tasmansea! Thank you! I think it’s the Nissan Fairlady still melting. Not sure as I did not shoot the video myself. In the comments of the vid you can find the links to relevant sources. The music is (ofcourse) all mine though! :slight_smile: The elektrons are sequenced internally as I consider the Elektron sequencer and the soundengine to be just a perfect match not to be messed with :wink: All other gear is sequenced by the Pyramid, you can find a list in the comments section of the video as well.

Hello Fabulous, thank you! Appreciate it. :+1:

As per my previous comment, the melting stuff video is not my own but you can find the links in the comments section of the video itself. I’m okay with using multiple sequencers actually. Ofcourse it would be more convenient in to control the Elektrons by the Pyramid as well (which is possible by the way), but the sequencers of the Elektrons work just very well out of the box and allow for a lot of creativity when playing with the Elektron gear itself. It’s just so hands-on and also I like playing around with gear a bit. You could however decide to program bank changes in your Pyramid as well so you have more of a Total Recall of presets, but I did not do that yet. It’s a personal preference I guess…

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Yes I definelly have to try to get a whatever having a sequencer. Just working with on module now.
( maybe the next sampler of bheringer will have one inside. Telling that cause I need a sampler and I know is coming one from them )

I always wonder how an external sequencer could be implemented by the way.
Maybe, I thought, it awsome to build complete patterns out side the pyramid. then playing them in to pyramid and hit record on pyramid so we have recordered in both machines. RIGHT? Am I missing something? …

then I could freeely have choice of live playing in both the machines.

it should work very well on theory but maybe I am misssing something… I am a groovy psycho … so for me those things are bread :stuck_out_tongue: