Pyramid Save LFO offset

Any way to do this? I got a 8 channel MIDI -> CV interface which convert cc 0 - 127 to 0 - 10v but I only want it to be 0 - 5V and this is achieved by setting the offset to 25 and range to 25 but the pyra only saves the range parameter not the offset… is there any way to save the offset also??

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phase and offset share the same value…
(as far as i can tell, since offset is also not shown in param automation only phase - so you can set one or other not both?!)

are you saying when you reload the project, that it doesn’t revert it back to offset mode? is the offset not being applied?

if so id say it sounds like a bug, so report to @squarpadmin using

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We know that there is a problem with OFFSET value not stored, it will be fixed in the future OS version, that will include only bug fixes, soon to come!


Thanks looking forward to that. Loving the pyramid. oh btw sometimes if the LFO is set to SINE when saved, it loads it as off, next time you load the project, but not all ways sometimes it remembers it.