Pyramid & OB-6 Anyone?

Hello…Anyone else here use the OB-6 with Pyramid…I’ve been pouring over the manual and am having issues getting my OB-6 to work using USB MIDI. I’ve tried several different configurations to no avail. There are no resources out there really that have been helpful, so I’m asking here. Thx

I dont use an OB6 but i use a Prophet 12 connected via USB MIDI.

What problem are you having and what have you tried so far?

What USB host are you using to connect the Pyramid with the OB-6?
If the USB host is a computer, what software are you using to make the connection?

Hello…yes, I’m using a computer as my USB host. I am using Logic to make the connection. But shouldn’t my synth and Pyramid be usable via USB MIDI w/o using Logic if I wish? Like, if I just want to use my computer for recording purposes only?

Both OB & Pyramid are USB interface devices. If you want to connect them together without a computer then you’ll need as USB Host device.

Take a look at Loopop’s video, he does a great job explaining this USB & MIDI: Everything you need to know to get it right (USB MIDI Host vs Interface explained)