Pyramid not playing/showing notes that exist in MIDI

Hi, I’ve been working on a track, and last night I saved it as normal. Today, it won’t play 2 of the tracks properly - the notes are different/missing.

I can’t see the notes on the step sequencer or piano roll, so it’s not a problem sending them to the synth.

When I remove the SD card and open the MIDI files on my computer, it plays all the notes. It’s only on these 2 tracks (out of about 10 with data on them). Both of them are on the same MIDI channel (and are the only two on this channel).

I can’t find any similar issues in the forum.

I’m on hardware version 133. I was on OS 2.10 when I discovered the problem. Have upgraded to 2.3 with no change.

Any ideas?



I have similar issues…with a lot of others…
Honestly, I dont know what to think about Pyramid anymore. :frowning:

Maybe I will use a different MIDI sequencer until Squarp dont makes Pyramid production-ready.

I am very sad atm…

First problem I’ve had like this, and I’ve not had too many other problems.

Overall very happy with my Pyramid.

And at least it hasn’t actually destroyed the data.

Never had any issues like this.
Could you share your project file and explain what we should be looking for? :slight_smile:

@aaaandyt You may want to contact Squarp directly and send them the file that has the problem.

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