Pyramid midi in with keystep problem

Pyra Os 3.2 with keystep midi OUT ==> Midi IN of the pyramid it doesn’t work.
When i plug the midi out of the KS into the midi IN of my RME with Live then Midi OUT of RME==> Midi IN of the pyramid, it works!
I don’t understand why the KS works thru live on my computer and not directly on the pyramid? It seems like the KS midi informations have to be “filtered” by another midi unit before to go to the pyramid.
(the KS has the last OS)

Check out some of the replies in this thread: Pyramid incompatible with M-Audio?

You may need to use an external PSU for your Keystep (not USB power), or if that doesn’t work some kind of MIDI thru box that will output a signal that works with the Pyramid.

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thanks for reply, i’ll try with a midi thru box then.
I’ve already tried with a PSU on the keystep without success.

Update : Keystep works perfectly on the pyramid with the Kenton midi Thru between the devices.