Pyramid latency, 16th notes slipping at fast tempos

Hi, tried looking around for a similar topic but didn’t have any luck.

I was troubleshooting a problem that I thought was further down my chain in my modular, but the issue seems to be with the Pyramid.

I’m using a Pyramid (MKII, I think) in conjunction with a eurorack setup. I’m finding that at higher tempo’s, 132 BPM or so, if I try to trigger 16th notes continuously they end up slipping, flamming, and doing other weird timing related things over time, as if the Pyramid couldn’t keep up or something.

Normally I use the Pyramid through an Expert Sleepers FH-1, but I also experienced the same result using the midi into Rample and just through the CV out. I tried this all at the shortest gate lengths as well. Any ideas? Is this normal behavior?

I had a similar issue before and it was resolved by playing around with the CV/Pedal settings in the main menu.

Can’t remember exactly what finally fixed it, but might have been the Gate Polarity.

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