Pyramid + Eventide H9?

Any pyramid users out there also have an H9? I’m interested to hear your thoughts on how they interact.

Seems like the H9’s midi implementation is pretty flexible. I’m curious to hear if it plays well with the pyramid.

I know that’s a pretty open-ended question, but I haven’t found anything on the subject.

hey there! I just got a pyramid and one of my plans is to pair it closely with my H9. I’ll let you know how i get on!

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I’d appreciate that very much! Knowing pyramid and reading about h9, seems like they’ll be a match :crossed_fingers:

Got them playing together and everything seems to work great. Easy to set up to control parameters as cc from pyramids knobs, LFOs or automation tracks.

Only annoying thing so far is the screen on the h9 tries to follow whatever is changing so gets confusing if you’re constantly modulating things. Hopefully there’s a setting on the H9 to stop this behaviour

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I have never come across such a setting. It’s annoying indeed.

But otherwise great unit. What i find particularly handy is the note to cc fx in the Pyramid. Its such an easy way to change settings quickly by pressing keys on the keyboard. Often theres no need for a continuous stream or lfo of cc data.

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oooh, good tip. I’ve not explored note to cc yet

OP note:

Ended up going with the Poly Beebo. Simultaneous chained effects with 4 ins/outs, pretty intriguing.

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