Pyramid Euclidian note learn mode

I can play a track with Euclidian mode and set the notes to be played using an external keyboard. However, I can’t seem to get the Pyramid to play more than 2 notes. For example, if I play D, F, A on the keyboard, the Pyramid cycles between F and A (Alternating display between F4+ and A4+).

Is there a 2-note limit to Euclidian chords?

I played around with this feature a fair bit and never came across this. Sounds like something’s up with your MIDI input. Is your Pyramid responding to +2 notes as expected when you’re not in Euclid mode? Can you add +2 notes when you are programming in step mode, for example? Have you tried looking at the Event list in settings (damn is it even called the event list??) to see exactly what’s hitting the input?

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