Pyramid Dual CV Out


I recall in the old forum someone from Squarp had said that the pyramid CV jacks were all stereo jacks on the pyramid.

Is there any intention to allow these to work as per the electrons as ring tip CV outs for 2 channels or much more expanded CV mapping? I would love to be able to address 2 synths via cv which would allow me to significantly reduce the amount of boxes / modules I require. Plus most importantly wall warts!


stereo ? you mean 3 pins ?
I guess that’s not the case and if it is the case, that would be (fucking) weird to use them like that.
Actually, I never saw such kind of use until now.

Yeah it was mentioned on the old boards that the sockets were stereo wired.

So like the elektron analog four or various other midi to cv adapters a stereo split would give 2 outputs per jack when configured to work as trs.

It’s not very weird at all to see doepfer do it too as well as the Keith mcmillen nexus

Yeah I pretty know what trs is.

I wouldn’t like to use that because of possible parasites, myself. Except if I wanted to use parasites.

If you’ve got a login to the old forums here’s the thread covering the dual CV situation.

In short, the gate & CV outs are wired for dual use, but the OS doesn’t support it. Jean mentioned the possibility of support being added to a future OS update. Don’t hold your breath, the thread’s from September 2016.

You may be able to use the dual out like a duplicator, but I don’t know anything about Eurorack or have any experience with CV so dual by your own volition.