Pyramid display

Hello… anyone else experiences this when booting up their Pyramid? it gradually goes away over 15 - 20 min, wondering if I have a problem :frowning:

Nothing to say.
Contact Squarp

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Did, 9 days ago so far no reply

ouu ! really! send again, contact them via facebook . do something . this is for repair. I also saw more problems coming from your discussion maybe you have to send it to repair and let them do a check. it is not nice with defective machines.

Yeah really… but will try again :slight_smile: I must add that it only happens when I boot it “cold” and by cold I mean its been turned off for a few hours

Since I updated to 3.1 the screen has not been acting strange I’ll cross my fingers and hope that it was a software issue

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I have encountered the same display issue. I am currently using the 3.1 update. Screen clears after it has been powered on about 10 minutes.

I’ve recently started getting some strange blank and partially blank screens here and there as well.
@squarpadmin this is important.