Pyramid > CV out > to control guitar pedal expression input?

My technical chops are, sadly, limited - especially when it comes to CV. Though I’d like to think that my research skills are satisfactory. However, although there is some similar chit-chat on ModWiggler about the Strymon Deco responding to CV from modular - it got me thinking about the Pyramid.

I’m aware that Pyramid can send CV out (TS and/or TRS?) @ 0-5v - and that the pedal in question here (Strymon Deco) receives CV (via TRS) to control expression - though i can’t find any documentation from Strymon that confirms the voltage range.

I appreciate that there may be some risk here in respect of voltage compatibility but, in theory then, it seems like Pyramid could send CV modulation (Env out?) to the Deco expression input to control a parameter on the pedal.

I wondered whether anyone had successfully sent CV from the Pyramid to control parameter modulation on a guitar pedal via the expression jack?

Hi @Squelektron, I had a similar question earlier this summer and got my answers here - Clock sync to an effect pedal, courtesy of kind assistance from @Thibault_Squarp (thank you!)

I confirm that the solution works for me, I am able to sync the rate of tremolo to Pyramid’s tempo. I am using TRS cable for that purpose. The DIN SYNC value that works best for me is SYNC2.

For Strymon, please refer to Strymon DIG Delay Sync - Exploration #2 - YouTube (it’s DIG, but should work just the same for Deco).

I hope this helps.

Cheers, Piotr

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Hey @saneroute - excellent of you to reply - thanks!

Ok, this does sound very encouraging - though I’m looking at modulation, rather than clock sync, however it does seem that Strymon pedals can respond well to cv - as the helpful DiG video demonstrated (thanks again for this).

I should probably ask Strymon to confirm what voltage range is safely accepted via the EXP input.

Or… just experiment…

If you hear a loud bang, and see a puff of smoke in the sky near Manchester in the UK, then you can safely assume it doesn’t really work.

Thanks again.

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