Pyramid controlling DAW/VST (Bitwig, Mac)


I have problems making the Squarp Pyramid control my Mac.

I have connected over USB, the Pyramid powers up fine but my Mac won’t find Pyramid.

I have set up my track output to USB01, and the Pyramid do send midi signals. So the problem seems to be for my Mac finding Pyramids signal.

It’s not shown in Mac MIDI preferences, also not in neither Bitwig or Ableton’s MIDI settings.

Anyone successfully been controlling their software instruments with the Pyramid?



yup, I use it all the time - mainly with Live, but sometimes Bitwig.

so you don’t see it listed as a midi device?

if so Id suspect you’ve either got a fault usb cable, or a ‘power only’ usb cable - so id try another cable.
or if you have a hub, then perhaps the issue lies there?


Nope, it doesn’t show. I’ve tried two different cables, one that I use for another controller. And I connect directly to the Mac mini’s USB port. Both power up the Pyramid but no midi-controlling. Good thing to know it should work though, equally frustrating it doesn’t. Any other ideas?

Did it work just out of the box for you, connecting it and working right away?

Thanks for your response

EDIT: I use Mac Mojave OS 10.14 and latest Pyramid firmware
EDIT2: Also worth noting, my Push 2 works perfectly fine just out of the box


so in Audio Midi Setup its not showing? you could try to do a refresh there…
(delete the pyramid device if its present, but not going active)

Im on OS 10.14, and latest pyramid firmware too.
(on macbook pro and iMac, don’t have a Mac mini)

yes, it just shows up without any thing, it should show up on the mac regardless of settings on the Pyramid. which is why Id assume its hardware/cables.

hmm, if you have ruled out cables, Id probably try the pyramid on another computer if possible.
also try another USB port on the Mac mini, my old MacBook pro used to be picky about some devices on some usb ports.