Pyramid: Chance FX - 0% Isn't really 0%...?


Yeah, well…bear with me because I’m off doing a larger thing and this little tidbit is the fly in the ointment.

Setting Chance at 0% isn’t really 0% - it sometimes plays the notes, it seems.

Per the User Guide 2.0 page 44:

“If ”0%”, the note will never be played.”

Ah - but it does, my friend…it does. Very rarely…but it does!

Anyone run into this and/or suggest a workaround?
I have one or two in my head, but they’re more gruntwork. I’m admittedly using the Pyramid mostly for a Live playback device rather than a creation tool and sending MIDI CC to Enable/Disable Chance via external CC (tried 3 different setups with different combinations of hardware/software with the same results). I’ve been very careful to send any CC’s to Disable a Chance on a Track (and therefore play it) after the Enable msgs (because that’s a thing).

I am currently using PyraOS 2.995.
Guess I’m being lax on downgrading and trying it with PyraOS 2.3 but: reasons.

Was going to blather about the ‘bigger picture’, but that’s kind of too much static. Just wondering why I’m getting that kind of bleed.


Thanks, it’s reported, we will test it!


i noticed 100% is not 100% either. still some notes dropping, very rarely but it does :slight_smile:


Hrmmm…I haven’t noticed that with 3.0 Final, but I use Chance in a strange way.
Are you using the latest OS?