Pyramid: Chance FX - 0% Isn't really 0%...?

Yeah, well…bear with me because I’m off doing a larger thing and this little tidbit is the fly in the ointment.

Setting Chance at 0% isn’t really 0% - it sometimes plays the notes, it seems.

Per the User Guide 2.0 page 44:

“If ”0%”, the note will never be played.”

Ah - but it does, my friend…it does. Very rarely…but it does!

Anyone run into this and/or suggest a workaround?
I have one or two in my head, but they’re more gruntwork. I’m admittedly using the Pyramid mostly for a Live playback device rather than a creation tool and sending MIDI CC to Enable/Disable Chance via external CC (tried 3 different setups with different combinations of hardware/software with the same results). I’ve been very careful to send any CC’s to Disable a Chance on a Track (and therefore play it) after the Enable msgs (because that’s a thing).

I am currently using PyraOS 2.995.
Guess I’m being lax on downgrading and trying it with PyraOS 2.3 but: reasons.

Was going to blather about the ‘bigger picture’, but that’s kind of too much static. Just wondering why I’m getting that kind of bleed.

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Thanks, it’s reported, we will test it!


i noticed 100% is not 100% either. still some notes dropping, very rarely but it does :slight_smile:

Hrmmm…I haven’t noticed that with 3.0 Final, but I use Chance in a strange way.
Are you using the latest OS?