Pyramid and OB6 cannot share USB hubs

Only one of them appears in the audio/midi utility when using a hub; however, both show up when connected separately on both of the ports on my MacBook pro. Pyramid takes priority and always shows up alone when sharing a hub, the OB6 reappears after I disconnect the Pyramid. I’ve tried multiple configurations, using different hub, cables, computers, and even operating systems, the results and is the same. Any ideas to why, and possible solutions? Thanks

Ive had some issues with a bad USB hub, but as you tested with different ones the hubs won’t be the problem.

On the other hand, during my experiments, I have had a REV2 connected together with my pyramid to a USB hub into my mac, that worked fine.

Now they are together in a USB hub going into the USB Host input of my MIO 10 MIDI interface. Both work fine now as well…

I don’t think OB6 and REV2 will have quite a different USB configuration?

Maybe you can try to delete both devices in the MIDI utility after disconnecting them. Then connect everything again and see what happens…

This may be a DSI issue on the USB port, my MIO4 won’t see it either. I ended up plugging it to one of the DIN ports of the MIO4.

Controlling two DSI synths over MIDI with iCM4+, no issues.

One USB hub that is good to use is an Anker powered USB3 hub.