Pyramid and Blofeld? or Romplers and Samplers?


You’re absolutely right, I was wondering about some of them, and seen some on eBay, have been looking on utube to listen to sample banks. Was a bit disappointed with drum and bass bank…

Thanks for the tips and reply.


here’s my „Electropunk Hammond“
E-Mu Definitive B-3 ROM rocks :metal:t3:

p.s. regarding Blofeld + Pyramid combo.
Pyramid has very cool Sync Load option (in Settings — MIDI Out).
if it’s set to Send Clock , Pyramid continues to send clock while loading another project.
why it’s so cool — because nasty Blofeld arpeggiator timing bug gets triggered only on clock restart, which does not happen in this case.


Is it Emu porn thread hijack?


challenge accepted




i have an idea to pair the yellow one with my new shiny Roland MC-707 :grin:
(and Pyramid, of course.)

p.s. that is old photo, currently i have three working Command Stations.




You’re a maniac :wink:


You two are making me depressed…:wink:

Well I think I was lucky, found a different JV 1080 with 4 extensions.
World, Pop, Orchestral and Super sound set and a memory card. The diodes were changed on all four.

Hope it’s in great condition as the seller says.


Oh, that’s just the way it goes. You buy the first and are content with it for a good while. Then you buy the second one, and then shortly after you’ll find yourself thinking about a third one. From there on, things start really escalating :joy:


yes, eye M.
but that Hammond sound with Z-Plane filters …


Now that was the workaround I was looking for! Thanks for the tip, I’ll try this out today. Hope it works…


Just wanted to say thanks :blush: for the idea of Romplers, specially Roland.

Really happy with the JV-1080 with 4 + 2 extension boards/cards (that came with it). Started to get my head around the system and logic, it is really impressive.
I think it goes great with Pyramid.
So far no glitches running 6 synths and drums.
The PC is great too, easy to setup and save.