Pyramid and 0-ctrl

Hi all.

Trying to get my pyramid to clock my make noise 0-ctrl, which is controlling the 0 coast. I’m a bit new to all this, I just want the 0-ctrl to be in time with the pyramid but to be able to use all the time, pitch and strength dials independent of the pyramid. Ive tried a few cv/gate options but can’t get it to work!

so you need to send a cv clock out of the pyramid (rather than midi clock)

its been a while since i did this last…

iirc, Ive done this in two different ways…

a) Gate output
i simply used a track for my ‘clock output’, so set to CV output then I put gates on that track at the rate i wanted the clock to run.

b) use ENV out


perhaps set DIN SYNC to SYNC16 (at least as a starting point)
(not sure if it affects ENV OUT rate, I kind of assume it does)

this should sync clock/tempo

if you want to also sync the steps (i.e. reset on step 1) , then it looks like
env out -> clock
gate out -> reset

but you’ll need to play with that a bit, not sure if 0-ctrl will like that reset stays high,

using ENV OUT is preferable since it leave cv/gate outputs free.

try that, as i said been a while I tried last, as I found midi clock to be just as accurate, and meant one less thing to wire up :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for the recommendation! Will try it out.

Really appreciate this, posted in a few other places, but go no reply!


Some success,
Went the env out option and followed everything.all good, starts and stops with the pyramid, Din sync 4 was the correct setting.

Unfortunately it still bypasses the time dials on the 0-ctrl and just get same length notes.

Any more ideas?

Hi @Porkwind,

As per the 0-Ctrl Manual, the Time channel can only control the length between the pulses of the internal clock of the 0-ctrl. As such, it won’t affect anything when slaved with an external clock such as Pyramid’s.

Thanks for the reply, hmmm, that’s a shame. I’m still going to have a mess around maybe patching something on the 0-ctrl could fix this?

Thank you

Another thought,
Could the 0-ctrl be used as the clocking device to the pyramid?

Would all the features still work on the pyramid on different channels?

Yes, Pyramid can be slaved to the 0-ctrl.

Look at the “Analog Sync” section below:

This should get you somewhere. You might get some clock jitter from having such a wonky clock as what 0-ctrl can output, but I guess that’s what you want, eh.

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Many thanks! Will check that out!