Pyramid+Ableton REC start/stop

Im new to whole integrating of the pyramid with ableton and was just wondering if anyone could help me. Essentially Im trying to make perfect loops, so I want to have Ableton record when I press play on pyramid and stop recording when i press stop on the pyramid. I know theres an easy way to configure this but I cant figure it out so if anyone out there knows, please drop some knowledge. thanks

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It’s not so difficult, but you may have a few milliseconds of audio latency that’s hard to do much of anything about, so some editing may be required:

1: On the Pyramid, enable STRT/STOP on in the MIDI Out Settings, for whatever output channel is hooked up to your computer.

2.Enable “Track” + “Sync” on the MIDI Input port you have the Pyramid hooked up to (Ableton > Preferences > Link MIDI).

3: Close out of that, and in the top left corner select the “Ext” switch.

4: Arm your audio/midi channels to record and hit Play on the Pyramid. Hit Stop on the Pyramid when finished.

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