Pyra different CC settings per track


I’m currently reading manuals and info on the web and want to confirm something before buying this beast.

Say I have a track sending midi notes to a synth (midi ch7) How many different cc messages can I send to this same track? Is it max 5 , that is 1 for each knob of the Pyra ? Or can I sequence and send 20 different CC all sent to my midi chan 7 (like CC from #7 to CC#27)

Also what is the resolution and length of these CC sequences ? Same length as pattern length of said track ( if my notes are in 32 steps can my midi CC automations be in 12 steps for CC 8 and 16 steps for CC29 ?)

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Ps: sorry if this has been already answered or explained somewhere , I will delete if that’s the case.

How many CC Events? About 10,000
How many different CCs? 120
Sequence CCs? Yes
Resolution & Length: whut? You can make Tracks that are CC msgs, a sequence of them or using MIDI FX: LFO, so…same as any other track to effectively infinite length. (I have the impression that many of us, for passages that need a healthy amount of CC modulation that we want to control will put CCs on a different Track)

Keep in mind many people feel nerf’d by the 10k Event limit because if you pgm filter sweeps by sending CC data you can eat that limit up quite fast. Your mileage may vary.


Ok so basically if you want proper mod on a CC u make a track per CC#.

Just to clarify its 120 different CCs per midi chan/ track ? If i have a moog on ch.7 and a jx03 on ch.5 i can use 120CCs for ch7 and 120CCs for ch5 and each CC with a different sequence on these 2 separate midi output chans ?

I come from the elektron realms so resolution and lenght made sense for me but I have yet to wrap my head around the workflow and concepts of this machine.

This nerf is probably what I’ve stumbled upon when people have been comparing this to the Cirklon.

Thank you

I think youre overthinking this, so thanks for the heads up youre coming from Elektron.

I use an Octatrack
Im not a fan

You have 64 Tracks whose destinations can be any MIDI Channel on 3 different Ports. A Track has Patterns which can be 1-384 bars long . The Patterns output a sequence of Events which can be Notes or CC which have been “recorded” thru realtime playing, thru step editing, or generated via LFOs or Arps.

Per the MIDI Implementation Chart, Pyramid Transmits and Receives CCs 0-119.

You can send all 64 Pyramid Tracks to the same MIDI Channel, or to different Channels. Im pretty sure you can put Events for 120 different CCs on one Track Pattern.

So, when you say “i can use 120 ccs on Ch07 and 120 CCs on Ch05” i dont understand the question. In which CCs you can send, it’s 120. (There are normally 128 CCs in MIDI - 0-119 are transmittable/recognised on the Pyramid. 120-127 are Channel Mode msgs (All Sound Off, etc))) Those can be sent on Ch05 and Ch07. The number of values you can send total in a while project is 10,000.

You can set Pyramid Tracks 1-3 in Bank A to all send to MIDI Ch07. Track 1 might send just Notes. Track 2 might send Vol, Pan info (CCs 7 & 10). Then you might put an LFO on Track 3 that sends CC 24 values while also sending discrete values for CC 48, 54, 27, and 100 that you enter in Step Edit Mode…so like PLocks. And if youre hella tricky you can make a Loopback to turn Track 3 On/Off with a squarewave LFO to only modulate every other 1/2 note.

I hope someone more eloquent and knowledgeable can pipe up.

This was highly helpful !

Thanks for this explanation and for ur time.

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