Pyra 3.0 Factory midi in/out settings



why are the midi in and out setting always factory settings instead
of the last used setting. Why doesn’t the pyramid save the last settings or am I missing something? Not convenient to have to set individual setting every time
I start up the device.
Why doesn’t the sequencer record my synth midi data which is connected
to pyramid in. The pyramid plays my synth however.
Please forgive as I am a midi noob


I’m having a related problem. I change my SYNC LOAD from OFF to SEND CLOCK, but it just doesn’t save. Maybe it is because I’m trying to save projects that once were made in older PyraOS versions.
I haven’t had time to check it, but I’m sure there’s something wrong.

Also, I haven’t tried changing other midi out parameters.

Is this a known bug, @squarpadmin?


To set your current settings as your ‘favorite settings’, you have to go to SETTINGS > SAVE > SAVE SETTINGS

Indeed, SYNC LOAD is never saved inside your SD card project. But you can select SETTINGS > SAVE > SAVE SETTINGS, so it will always be ON.


Thank you for the reminder, I should have known.