Push encoder replacement

I’m looking for the exact part to replace one of the 5 minor encoders. Does anyone have a link, or the specs? On my Pyramid, the turning of the encoder does not register on screen. Pushing does register.

I found one in Encoder Part #s? - #6 by knightswhosayneve - the mouse link given there is PEC11R-4215F-S0024 Bourns | Mouser - Can anyone confirm those work as expected?

Have you contacted Squarp team? They offer swift servicing for very descent price.

Done, thank you.

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If your problem is the push action not registering, or requiring a really hard push, this is common and has an easy and totally free fix. It’s due to the rubber knob being deeper than the metal post it’s sitting on. Just pull the rubber knob off (totally safe, don’t pry it just pull it away from the unit until it pops off), then fold some paper real small, stick it in the knob hole, and push the knob back onto the pyramid. This super simple solution totally fixed the problem for me, and I found it on another thread on this forum.

Also, side note, DJ Tech Tools have replacement knobs called Chroma Caps that fit the Pyramid, too.

EDIT - somehow totally missed the fact that you said the pushing works but turning doesn’t. My mistake. I’ll leave my comment here for future readers though, because apparently the push problem is not uncommon. But it likely won’t fix your issue, sorry.