Punch-in recording?

So today I wanted to start a live recording at measure 17 and when I sent the external clock to Pyramid, it started recording at measure 1. Before recording I went in Step mode to make sure I was at measure 17. Then, went back to Live mode, pressed the record button, then sent a MIDI clock signal into the MIDI in port and it reset the Pyramid transport back to measure 1. Is there any way to program in punch-ins?


I’m not sure how to do this either, but it seems like a couple of really good editing tools would be the abilities to split and append/glue sequences, patterns and tracks. I haven’t found how to do that, if there are such features.

Check the copy, paste and delete functions (white font, can be reached via the 2nd pad). Duplicate pattern is easiest by extending pattern length with the > pad

Hey thanks for the reply, but I wasn’t attempting to duplicate a pattern but write another one- similar, but with changes. Anyway, no worries.

So you duplicate a pattern and make a few changes. Either deterministic changes (e.g. Pitch) or probabilistic ones (mute prob, chance, random etc.)