Public 1.14 Official Release - Def File Bugs (file name length + def title issue)

  1. If a definition file’s name is too long, the Hapax will give an error that the definition file isn’t found. Once you edit the name to a shorter length, it works. I’m assuming this should give an error that the title is too long? At least saying the definition file doesn’t exist would be incorrect in this case.

  2. Syntax error line 4, which is:

Beat Map

Based on the comment in line 3, “Supports all alphanumeric ASCII, and ’ ', ‘_’, ‘-’, ‘+’ - can also be NULL”, this syntax error doesn’t make much sense. The title also does not contain special characters and should allow spaces.

Replacing the title with NULL allowed the definition file to load successfully.

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Had the same type of issue with my Machinedrum IDs. Line 10 had no name at the end of the drum lane . Added NULL. now Null shows up as the name of that drum, but it loads. leaving it blank as I did previously causes it to fail to load.

This was on our list for some time, I just fixed it on our end, it will be fixed in the next release.

I can’t reproduce this bug.
Is line 4 only Beat Map ? Is it preceded by TRACKNAME ?
Do you have a file I could test ?

This is not compliant syntax. Throwing an error in this version is therefore not a bug.

This on the other hand is definitely a bug in version 1.14

  1. Thanks! I hadn’t encountered it before, so I wasn’t sure if it was an old/new bug.

  2. Aah, for some reason I had deleted the TRACKNAME at the beginning of the line when copying the definition template. That would probably explain it. I’ll test this once I am at home.

Before 1.14 I had the end of line 10 left blank with no issues. So maybe 1.13 just didn’t get triggered by that lack of a complete script.