Prophet 6, MioXL, Pyramid Owners - Setting Advice Please

Hi there,

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read and respond!

I’m in the first month of using the Pyramid and loving it however would like some advice from owners of Prophet 6, MioXL, and Pyramid on how you have set up each device as the Prophet is having issues (other synths are fine Sub 37, and Analog Four).

My Question:

What combination of settings on Prophet 6, Pyramid, and MioXL will allow for full use of the Prophet 6 panel, full polyphony (no midi loop), and the ability to trigger Pyramid FX From the Prophet 6 Keyboard?

My MIDI Routing:

Pyramid OUT A and IN are on DIN 1 of MioXL - set to send to and receive from Prophet (on USB Host).

Prophet 6 is connected to MioXL USB MIDI Host port - set to MIDI Channel 6 (only synth on 6), then selected on Track 6 of Pyramid - set to send to and receive from Pyramid (on Din 1).


When Prophet 6 is in LOCAL ON mode (panel is active and works as it should - good) but then to play Pyramid effects from the Prophet 6 Keyboard I need to turn MIDI ECHO: ALLOW on Pyramid - effects work but this causes a MIDI loop where I lose half of the Prophet’s polyphony (bad).

However, if Prophet 6 is in LOCAL OFF mode (panel becomes very buggy regardless of if it’s set to CC or NRPN - bad), polyphony is back (good) and effects work as expected.

I’ve seen that lots of others here use the same combination of gear so I’m assuming I’m missing a very simple setting somewhere along the line.

Once again thanks for any advice!


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