Project Sequencing on Hermod and Pyramid


I am hoping that in some future iteration of pyraos and hermodos we can implement project sequencing. From what I can tell, you have control over sequence change in hermod and pyramid, but project files must be loaded manually and cannot be changed remotely via midi or cv.

If there is a possibility to implement either midi cc control over the selection of project files or cv/gate input to select a preset( a la intellijel rainmaker or plonk) that would cover the only feature request I need and have consistently asked for.

What would it take for this to happen and are there engineering limitations that prevent this?

I guess my point in case is that I see projects as songs and sequences as pieces of a composition. For live use I would like to be able to change projects on hermod and pyramid simultaneously either by stringing projects or remotely to transition between songs efficiently. The ability to only change sequences remotely doesn’t allow me to accomplish what I need.