Programming triplets?

Does the hapax have a way to do “triplets,” or do we need to do the “offest” method that was recommended for the pyramid?

on Pyramid I just zoom into a higher Track resolution, which allows for more notes than 16 per bar

I guess you could set the track tempo to 200% with Time elasticity and use the highest resolution zoom to enter triplets using @chrisroland 's method.

Maybe it works if you set the bar length to 12 steps (or a multitude of 12) and the time elasticity to 133,33%

In STEP mode, pressing + and - at the same time toggles between regular and triplet zoom.
In x3 zoom, triplets are spaced 4 pads apart.

cf. “Track zoom, pattern length and navigation” section below

It might be you didn’t see it because of wording in the manual? It’s referred to as “binary” vs “ternary” zoom modes.
Does “regular”/“triplet” sound better? Is it maybe more intuitive ?


Regular/triplet is more intuitive and leans into the musical instead of the maths. I’ll confess I’ve never heard the word ternary before, so I would have never figured this out without coming here.

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I will try this today! and yes, IMHO regular/triplet makes more sense to me from a “music” point of view. :slight_smile: I was looking for some kind of “note length” setting, as opposed to a “zoom” setting to create the triplets.

I agree, regular/triplet sounds more familiar


I might be misunderstanding what you mean by “triplets are spaced 4 pads apart,” so please forgive me if I’m being dense.

To get the triplets I was looking for, I needed to have (in x3 zoom mode) a note every other pad. So if I wanted 4 sets of triplets within one bar, it looks like the attached pix. So, it works, I would just say that triplets are spaced every-other pad? In any case, thank you for showing me how to do this! :smiley:

Aha !
I can see in the screenshot you’re actually in zoom x3/2, but there’s a glitch that crops the zoom amount. Gotta fix that asap


Regular/triplet makes much more sense, and then is a feature I’m SUPER happy to be able to easily access! Playing around with time signature and offsets is painful.

I think this might actually be “user error.” I’m not sure if my unit defaulted to x3/2, but as you can see, I could get it in straight “x3” mode, and then the “every 4 pads” made sense! :smiley: I think the manual should say regular/triplets.

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for Hapax there’s also this, the Roll (ratcheting) note parameter in Step mode:

ROLL 1/8 1/256
Note will throughout its length (ratcheting)

(on Pyramid there is the Note Repeat function in Live mode that can also get you the triplet/ratcheting effect)

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