Programming Subdivisions

Simple question I can’t find an answer to: can you program subdivisions like 5 notes and 7 notes per measure in a 4/4 beat?

Thanks for the help!

Perhaps you mean 5/4 or 7/4…?

Not exactly. Programming a 5/4 beat into a 4/4 song in ableton, for example, would simply give you a polyrhythm. If this is different on the Pyramid, awesome! But I am specifically looking for the ability to have 5 notes evenly spaced in a 4/4 measure - functionally tuplets.

Yes this is possible. You need to switch Pyramid from polymeter mode to polyrhythm mode in settings/misc/signature.

Then set up a new track with time signature of 5:4. This will give you 5 quarter notes evenly spaced against your other 4/4 tracks.



Thank you Jim! Wanted to make absolutely certain that this was possible before purchasing.


Yup. If you like odd time signatures and uneven bar lengths you are pretty well catered for.